Construction of bridge

Design Rational

To be explained using diagrams:

-General Design

As you can see from the image below, we generally have used many triangles in our bridge design. Based on our research, we have gathered that while building a bridge using ice-cream sticks, forming triangle shapes are the strongest compared to normal rectangle and square shapes. We have attached the video where we have learnt this from. Summarizing the video, weight is distributed evenly in a triangle. Whereas in a square, the weight is not distributed evenly causing it to be unstable.This is the main idea discussed in the video. Our design is also something similar to the truss bridge.

(Initial stage of us building our bridge)

-Members of the bridge
We used ice-cream sticks and elmer's glue for our bridge. We broke some sticks when we needed to.
-Base of the bridge
As you can see from the image above, the base of our bridge consists of triangles formed by ice-cream, sticks. As we have mentioned previously, triangles are very strong which is the main reason why we chose this shape to form our base as well. 

This is how we finished the first part of our base. We glued 3 layers of sticks for the sides and normal triangles. 
and then, to make it more stable, we pasted more ice-cream sticks on the bottom so it will be more stable.

-Anchors of the bridge
An anchor of a bridge is something which holds the bridge in place which in this case is the elmer's white glue. We did not use any other materials such as strings or tapes as it is not allowed.

-Joints of the bridge
Most of the joints in our bridge is usually like the one shown above.

Detailed dimensions

Basic measurements:

-Mass of bridge: 
-Overall length: 
-Overall width: 
-Overall height: 

Construction of prototype

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